5 Tips to Make Your House Look Bigger

We all know the challenges of having too many things with too little space. Oh the pains of having to cram all your worldly possessions into a tiny space can seem a little daunting and dreadful. The good news is that when done well, a small house can still be a cozy nest if you make smart decorating choices. We have collected 10 smart ways to transform a small living space to look bigger than it actually is!
Paint with white




Draw your curtains and let your lights in! Any room will look more spacious by having natural lighting to light up the house. In spaces where windows are not an option, throw in some artificial lighting to emphasize the size of the room.
Mirror mirror on the wall




There are many furniture that allow a dual use of storing your possessions and using it as a function.




Create breathing room in-between your furniture to make the space seem larger from the shadows created behind it. Find ways to get your items out of view by organizing them into drawers, shelves and behind doors. A neatly arranged room and allow a space to feel orderly and bigger than it actually is!



with white

With reflective qualities that white carries along with it, white enhances the spaces among the rooms creating a bigger illusion that your house may have! Ensure that your walls and ceilings are painted in the same shade, allowing your eye to travel up.
Great lightings



Mirror mirror
on the wall

Create illusions by placing mirrors to enlarge your space! This works like magic every single time! Alternatively, use mirrors whenever you can on your furniture such as drawers and coffee table!
Multi-purpose furniture
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