3 Easy Steps To Build A Home Office

Weekends are always a blur of memories because they just pass by too fast. One minute, you’re hitting the bed on a Friday night, and the next you are waking up to a blaring alarm on Monday morning, already late for work. If you’re scrunching your nose in confusion as you read this, then congratulations! You are lucky enough to work from home in your very own home office. To the rest of us dreading Monday blues or are constantly bringing unfinished work home, read through to build your own home office!

"I need some space!"

  Having a designated space is crucial for your creativity and productivity, no matter what your job scope is. If you have an unused spare room, you’ve won a jackpot. For many, finding space in general isn’t so simple. But don’t be afraid to get creative! Any nook, corner or unused space in your humble home would do the trick. Even a wall that you have previously hung some old paintings for decorative spaces would be perfect. Declutter the items on the wall but remember to save the painting for later!

The Perfect Desktiny

  Now that you have that out of your way, it's time to find the perfect desk! Everyone has their own preferences, so look through Pinterest boards to know your vibe - or we call it desktiny! Usually, a simple Ikea desk should do the trick. If you think that may be too plain for you, why not match your desk to your colourful personality? Paint yourself a desk with a rainbow array of colours to kickstart your magical talents! This would also work with any old desks you have laying around in storage. Clean them out and paint them with our Super Glo High Gloss Finish to give your desk a brand-new shiny makeover.

Homey Office

  Remember, although you are creating an office, you’re still doing it in your home. Keep some elements of your home to maintain the comfort level – isn’t that the whole point of a home office? Get creative with our Special Effects paint and watch your walls come to life.
Now, hang the old painting you saved earlier when you were decluttering. Your new home office is now both creative and homey that you would want to spend endless time in. Add in a bright throw pillow or a blanket and you can chill and get work done in your home office space. Now, that’s a double win!

With your new home office, you wouldn’t even need to get a sick day off from your actual office! Work from home, get the work done AND still be in your comfort zone. Everyone is satisfied with your productivity, including you! Try these steps and do drop us an email if you get the ‘’Employee of the Year’’ award.