Seamaster Paint


Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish

Seamaster Weathersheen Arcylic Exterior Wall Finish is a proven superior quality algae and fungi resistance exterior emulsion paint for high performance and lasting durability under severe weathering conditions. It is washable and has excellent adhesion, alkaline resistance, dirt pick up resistance, good colour fastness as well as can stands up well to efflorescence. It is a low VOC, APEO free and Formaldehyde free product. It passed / complied with all requirements under Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS). Standard approval: Certified to SIRIM Malaysia Standard MS 134 : 2007 (Certificate No. : PS010704).

Uses :
Specially formulated for protection and decoration of exterior masonry and renderings, unpainted and previously painted surfaces such as plaster wall, cement, gypsum board, brickwork, hard and soft boards and on appropriately primed wood surfaces.

Product Specifications
Physical Characteristics
Ingredient :
  • Acrylic Emulsion
  • Weather Resistant Pigments
  • Mineral extenders
  • Additives
Density : 1.30 – 1.45 (kg/litre)
Solid : Minimum 50 %
Coverage : 11-13 m² /litre
Colours : Refer to colour card and fandecks
Gloss : Sheen
Dry Film Thickness : 25 - 30 microns per coat
Drying Time  
(272C & RH: 805%) : Touch dry : ≤ 20 minutes
Hard dry : ≤ 1 hour
Recoating Interval : 2-3 hours
Theoretical Coverage : 11-13 m² / litre
No. of Coats : Minimum 2 coats
Application Method
Method of Application :
Brush, roller and spray application.
Product Preparation :

Ready for use after thoroughly stirring. However, if thinning is required, not more than 5% of water may be added for the first coat. For best result, thinning is not recommended for the subsequent coats.

Surface Preparation
New Masonry Surface :

It is crucial that ample time is allowed for the concrete / plaster surfaces to dry out. High moisture content is a common cause for premature paint failures, such as blistering, discolouration, etc. Concrete / plaster are alkaline in nature and together with the presence of salts and moisture may cause paint systems to fail prematurely. Masonry surfaces must be reasonably and free from oil / grease and other contaminants before an appropriate alkali resistance sealer is applied.

Old Unpainted / Previously Painted Masonry Surfaces : Surface must be dry and free from any structural damages and cracks. Wash the surface to remove any vegetable growths, stains, debris and powderiness by high pressure water jets. Seamaster FW 103 Fungicidal Wash should be used as a wash and left for 48 hours before final rinse with clean water. This will ensure most algae spores are killed.

For old paint work that is sound and has good adhesion, wash off dirt and surface powder with clean water or brushing before painting with Seamaster Weathersheen Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish topcoat. For poor paint work which is powdery, chalky and poor in adhesion, it is crucial to remove the paint work by scraping or by brushing with stiff bristle brush before the full painting system is applied.

Good Fungus & Algae Resistance
APEO & Formaldehyde Free

Main Product Feature

  • Weather resistance
  • Fungus and algae resistance
  • Excellent Colour fastness
  • 6 years protection
  • Washable
  • Certified SIRIM Malaysia Standard MS134 : 2007