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Need to create the perfect shade for your home? Simply pick a colour from our four series fandeck and immerse yourself in over 10,000 paint colours, mixed to your desired shade. Whether searching by codes or by colour group, let our Colour Palette Tinting System colour your ideas.

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Wherever you are, you can be sure that Seamaster Paint is somewhere near you. Just select a state to find a list of retailers in your area!

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Your favourite colour reveals your character. Here is a colour guide to find out factors of your personality and to apply them using your wildest imagination.


From how to refinish a wood entry door to wall painting ideas, find quick and easy tips and solutions for your home.

Painting Tips

If you are a paint novice, you would want to read our tips on getting a great finished product. You might even enjoy the project as much as the end result.

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Performance and versatility are the hallmark of our airless paint spraying equipment and services. It is the quickest and most economical method of applying paint over large areas.