Painting Preparation Tips:
The Four Steps Before Painting

The following step-by-step guide is a simple recipe for preparation work that is necessary before painting.
1. Ceilings
  • Remove all smaller items like photos, mirrors, lamps, etc., from your project area. When removing items with screws, tape the screws to the back of the object. It will be helpful to place items such as doorknobs and switch plates in zippered plastic bag. This helps keep the items together for when you need them later.
2. Walls
  • Next paint the walls. With a clean brush, paint an edge about three inches out from the corners of the room, around the windows and doors, at the baseboard and below the ceiling. Clean the brush again, and then use the roller to finish the walls.
3. Windows & door
  • Then the doors and windows. Begin with the windows to give thema full day to dry before closing them in the evening. Next paint the door and doorframe.
4. Floor
  • Finally, paint the skirting and the trim. Use a good small sash brush and carefully paint the trim. To avoid drips, hold a piece of cardboard straight edge over the carpet. If you’re painting with a partner, one can “cut in” while the other follows with the roller.

Patchiness need to be treated using a wall sealer to prevent forming of lines and cracks

What you need

Colour chart
Colour chart
Paint Thinner