Problem & Solution for Peeling Exterior Paint

Paint problems occur in any environment and numerous reasons. In areas with high humidity and constant rain, peeling paint is a common problem. Fortunately, the problem is equally easy to diagnose and can be fixed so that it doesn't remain a problem in the future.
Moisture that is allowed to sneak behind the paint film can cause peeling. If you become aware of exterior paint peeling from only a few areas, you should check to see if moisture is the problem.
  • To diagnose this you will need to look for missing caulk, leaks in the wall or roof.
  • Look for guttering system that is old and damage and get it replaced.
  • Check to ensure that your downspouts are away from the foundation and are not creating pools of water.
Paint can also peel because of the paint itself. A poor painting job, perhaps on a dirty surface, will cause poor adhesion.
  • Peeling can also happen if the surface was wet when oil-based paint was applied. Failure to properly prime the house before painting can also lead to peeling.
  • Primer allows the paint to bond easily and will help correct the moisture problem as well. Invest in good quality paint as low quality paint products can also peel.
  • You first need to scrape the peeling paint away by using a scraper to gently remove the areas that are peeling.
  • Feather sand around the area until the surface is flat.
  • Prime the area that you have sanded with a high quality exterior paint primer.
  • Installing new caulk around vulnerable areas will prevent more moisture from getting behind the paint. Peeling paint near the foundation of the house could mean that there is a drainage problem as well.
PREVENTION Taking a few extra steps and spending a little more from the start will go a long way to keeping your paint looking fresh for longer.
  • Pick a day when it is dry to paint. Do not paint right after it rains to ensure you have a dry surface to work with.
  • Do not stint on the paint either. A cheap paint will save you some money now, but you may find yourself having to scrape and repaint more often.
What you need
paintroller brush sand papersealer scraper