Interior Painting Tips:
Wall Painting Ideas and Pattern

One simple way to paint the walls of your room is with a decorative pattern. By creating different wall designs, you are able to transform the feel of a room without having to invest in a lot of materials. A textured pattern gives unique twist to your room.

Be they horizontal, vertical or plaid - striped patterns are easily created with painter's tape and tape measure.

01. When painting stripes, it is best to choose two different shades of the same colour.

02. To create the striped effect, paint the entire wall in the lighter of the two shades and then go back over with the darker shade.

Different techniques can create different textures on your wall. For a sophisticated feel paint your wall with the texture of linen, parchment or leather.

01. A simpler texture technique uses sponge to create a crinkled effect by painting a section of the wall.

02. Crinkle the paper in your hand and then open it back up, place it on the wet paint to adhere it to the wall, then smooth it out until the desired texture is achieved. If you are using a sponge, dip it in paint and dab it on the wall.

Use stencils to create a border around the top or bottom of your walls. Choose a design that enhances an element of your decorating theme.

01. Stick your stencils to the wall using a spray adhesive applied to the back of the stencil. Cover the design with paint using a brush.

02. Pull the stencil off quickly so that the design is not smudged.

03. Paint your stencils in a lighter or darker shade of the same colour as your walls for a more elegant look.

What you need

colour chart
roller brush
paint brush
paint thinner
masking tape