How to Pick Paint Colours for Your House

Picking house paint colours is not as easy as most think. Colours that lack character will make your house seem flat and featureless. Too bold and they might overwhelm the architecture. Choose colours that will not only highlight the most beautiful features of your home, but also disguise design flaws.

Blast from the Past with a Twist

Some houses are older than sea but, for touches of contemporary feel, paint your house with modern colours to dramatise architectural details. Bright colours on old architectural details can create a startling and exciting result.

Learn from Nature

A landscape of a house is always blooming with colour ideas. Trees propose an earthy palette of greens and browns while a beach setting suggests aqua blues, turquoises and coral colours.

Supersize with Light

Light colours make a structure look bigger and often, white is the favoured colour. Give your home a sense of size and dignity by using white or a pale cream colour.

Think About Your Neighbours

Your neighbour’s house can give you great paint colour ideas, but don't copy exactly. Be original and choose colours that set your house apart. Always go with what you love best.

Inspiration by Decoration

We don’t advice you to paint your entire house based on the pattern of your rug, but this approach does make sense if done in moderation. The colours of your furniture in your room can give you an idea on the selection of your interior paint colours. That, in turn will influence the colours you use outside.

Balancing Act

A burst of one colour on just a single part of your home may give it asymmetrical appearance. Go all-out to balance colours over your entire home.

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What you need

colour chart
roller brush
paint thinner
sand paper
paint brush