How to Give a Facelift to an Old Metal Furniture

Itís always great to have an old metal furniture look fresh and new. Painting metal can be easy and fun if done right. It does not necessarily require you to be aware of the previous colour. That said, you must be careful with the surface you choose to paint over and the type of paint to use. Always read the labels and be very cautious when painting over a rusted surface. Depending on the state of the metal you are painting on, metal requires less preparation than wood.

Read the labels

Always be sure that your primer and your coat of paint are compatible. Check the dry time, too, so you don't put more primer than you should.


Clean off all loose paint, dirt, grease and grime from the metal surface, even oils that may not be visible, by giving your metal a thorough rub down.


Sand the surface to ensure an even longer-lasting and more durable paint job.

Apply zincchromate primer

When working with rusted metal, apply a zinc-chromate. You need to first scrape all the loose rust and residual dust and then coat it with this special primer.

Double coat with primer

More primer is often best for metal because it helps the top coat of paint stick to the surface and makes the metal less vulnerable to the effects of time.


The best paint for metal is acrylic latex paint, which has longer staying power on metal surfaces and doesnít rub off easily.

What you need

paint thinner
clean cloth
sand paper
paint brush