Painting Preparation Tips:

Follow these simple steps before you start painting to make it easier for you to paint and to protect your home from unintended splattersor spills:
1. Empty the room
  • Remove all smaller items like photos, mirrors, lamps, etc., from your project area. When removing items with screws, tape the screws to the back of the object. It will be helpful to place items such as doorknobs and switch plates in zippered plastic bag. This helps keep the items together for when you need them later.
2. Masking
  • Cover floor with a canvasdrop cloth or plastic sheeting. Do not use sheets of newspaper, as they can allow paint to soak through.
3. Wrapping
  • Safeguard your belongings by removing small objects from the room and gather the large ones in the centre and cover with a plastic. Unscrew switch and outlet face plates. Lay masking paper over floors and tape to the ground and protect carpeting with canvas drop cloths.
4. Checking
  • Before painting, give your work a final clean and check. Be sure to maintain proper ventilation in the area during painting and while paint is drying by opening doors or windows, as weather permits.

Patchiness need to be treated using a wall sealer to prevent forming of lines and cracks